Sanctuary begins at home

For those of us who employ domestic workers—house cleaners, childcare providers, home attendants—one big thing we can do is support the women, people of color, and/or immigrants who work in our homes and who are being targeted by this administration. For those of us who aren’t employers or care consumers, our homes can still serve as a center of moral action, transforming where we live into a foundation for building the world as it should be

The #SanctuaryHomes campaign lays out concrete steps and resources so we can all do our part to ensure the dignity and integrity of every individual in all of our communities is respected and preserved. These are things we can do in our homes, in our neighborhoods or networks, and in the wider community.  

Sign the #SanctuaryHomes commitment and start organizing! Use the resources on the website to get started. Can't see something you need? Email  

Our Commitment 

  • We show and live solidarity in everyday life
  • We educate and prepare ourselves

  • We organize our own people

  • We show up when called in; we follow the lead of frontline communities

  • Our own home is a fair home and caring workplace


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Print and hang these signs on your refrigerator or window to be visibly counted as part of the movement.

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What is sanctuary and why are domestic employers joining the Sanctuary Movement?

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