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Please call 1-844-641-3873. 


"Hello! My name is [name] and I’m calling from ______(town/city) in __________(state)]. I am calling to ask Representative _________ to pass a DREAM Act before the end of the year that allows young immigrants to stay in the country they call home, without adding a single dollar to Trump’s immigration enforcement measures. Is Representative ______ committed to passing a clean DREAM Act before the end of the year?


• Most Dreamers are either studying or working and contribute millions of tax dollars every year in state and local taxes

• Permanent protection for undocumented youth means passing a bill to protect Dreamers without using that same bill to fund a border wall, mass deportations, or inhumane detention centers. Please add it to the budget!

• The United States is the only country most Dreamers have ever known

• We belong together! Don’t tear apart families and communities. I support a permanent protection for undocumented youth and I hope the [Senator/Representative] will as well and pass a clean DREAM act before the end of the year. Will you share my message with him or her? Thank you.

please let us know how your call went.

Did you get connected? Who did you talk to? What did they say?