Kids Share their DREAM for the Holidays with Congress


Keep families together

This holiday season, thousands of children will send letters telling their unique stories and asking Congress to Defend our dreams and keep families together! Some are written by children who have had a parent or other family member detained or deported.  Some come from children who live with the fear that this could happen to them.  And others are from children who are learning about these issues for the first time.

how to participate

  1. Write a letter! Write it at home with your family; invite other families over for a letter-writing party, or bring the activity to a holiday party in your community. 

    • These questions can help: Why is family important to you? Why do you think that all families should be allowed to stay together? Is there an example from your own life that shows why this is important to you

    • Include, somewhere in the letter, “Defen u reams, ee amilie ogether!”

    • Include the writer's name, age, and state

  2. Deliver the letter! Choose how you will get the letter to your representative or senator: 

    • Deliver it to their office in person

    • Send it to them over social media, using the hashtags #DreamForTheHolidays and #SanctuaryHomes

    • Send it to us by email (see below) or online upload. We'll deliver it with other letters along with our partners at We Belong Together.

  3. Raise the volume! Amplify your action and connect your letter to thousands of others through social media to show how many people care. 
    • Example post: [Your child’s name]’s #DreamfortheHolidays is for [handle of your rep or senator] & their friends in Congress to pass a clean #DreamAct & #SaveTPS so that immigrant families can be together this holiday season. (Don't forget to attach a picture of your letter!)
    • On Twitter, why not tag a few of these key folks as well: @SpeakerRyan, @SteveScalise, @GOPLeader, @SenateMajLdr, @JohnCornyn

    • You could also record and share a video of kids reading their letters  

sign up 

We'll support you in delivering your letters to your member of Congress (we've done many already!). Reach us at info [at] domesticemployers [dot] org or sign up via this form and we'll reach out to you. 

more tools to help you 

If  you have time to really facilitate the process, there’s a great  toolkit in English  and Spanish that can help you lead this activity with kids. We Belong Together's tools also include valuable tips for running this activity with children who may be directly impacted by immigration issues. 

If you are trying to do this in a school or similar setting, here are some sample letters you can give to teachers to talk to parents English and Spanish.

If this is happening at an event or a holiday fair where you have less time, we recommend bringing some sample letters, and having explanations of DACA and the DREAM Act.

We recommend using the coloring pages above for small children.