Action begins at home

While we’ve been out marching, protesting and making calls to elected officials, we’ve learned something: we don’t always have to go out there to do something meaningful that has a real impact on people’s lives. We can start at home.

The home can be a powerful center of moral action, a space to begin the open and important conversations we need to have right now, where we can show up for one another, our neighbors, and the people who work in our community who are under attack.

That’s what #SanctuaryHomes is all about: taking the commitment to justice and freedom we’ve shown in the streets and bringing it back home.

We are expanding the traditional definition of sanctuary, as communities of color and immigrants are calling us to do. Guided by our values, #SanctuaryHomes provides concrete ways to: engage with members of targeted communities who work in your home or neighborhood; show visible support for your neighbors who are under attack, and raise money and donate time and resources to frontline communities.

Sign the #SanctuaryHomes commitment and we’ll help you take action in the place where you are uniquely able to make an impact, with materials, webinars, and personal calls from our organizer.

Together, let’s make sanctuary begin at home.

Our Values 

  • We show and live solidarity in everyday life
  • We educate and prepare ourselves

  • We organize our own people

  • We show up when called in; we follow the lead of frontline communities

  • Our own home is a fair home and caring workplace


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Print and hang these signs on your refrigerator or window to be visibly counted as part of the movement.

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What is sanctuary and why are domestic employers joining the Sanctuary Movement?

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