After tragedy, our promise to continue working for caring communities

We at Hand in Hand are grieving along with the communities that have lost family and friends this past week, and we send our promise to continue to work for a society free from violence, where we value our interdependence and acknowledge the ways we need each other and belong together.

In the last two weeks, many have been impacted by the hate-driven rhetoric and policies of our government. The administration has announced plans to deny civil rights protections to transgender Americans. They continue to stir up hatred towards the group of Central American people - adults and children - legally seeking asylum and safety from violence in their home countries. This past week, our country experienced more horrific violence with the hate-driven murders of 11 Jewish people at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and 2 African Americans in Kentucky.

Since our founding, Hand in Hand has been committed to bringing people together, to work to meet our common needs  for support, dignity, and respect. As employers of domestic workers and allies, we keep supporting one another to take actions that transform the history of exclusion, exploitation, and devaluation of immigrant and women of color domestic workers.  

We fight for dignity and respect for seniors, people with disabilities, and families, by campaigning to ensure our access to affordable long-term care.

We fight for respect and dignity in the home workplace and for the immigrant and refugee communities many domestic workers come from. Our Sanctuary Homes campaign works to end policies that dehumanize Muslims and people of color, separate families, and detain people who are seeking protection and asylum.

We have seen what change is possible. We know through the actions we take at home and the work we do together in our society, we can increase the amount of dignity and respect in the world.

We thank our members and supporters for your tireless work to create a world that values all of us, where we all get our needs met, and are free from hate-motivated violence.  We are grateful to be in community with you.

We continue to insist that none of us survives without support and that we all live better together. We insist on dignity. We demand safety. And we will keep building communities, cities, states, and a nation that put these values into action.

We invite you to honor the lives lost by holding your loved ones close and being kind to yourself, so that we can, moving forward, continue to work for our vision of caring communities.