Will parents be deported before the holidays?

Thousands of you brought the DREAM to your Thanksgiving tables last week, inspired by the #SanctuaryHomes toolkit. Thank you so much for spreading the word and for making hundreds of critical phone calls demanding Congress pass a clean DREAM Act by the end of the the year.

Congress must be feeling the heat, and our partners in the immigrants rights movement are urging all of us to keep up the pressure.  For the next month, we’re helping We Belong Together collect thousands of letters from kids all over the country, kids like Jasmine who want to help.  

Will you join us in getting the whole family involved?

Jasmine (left) is a child of parents who are DACA recipients.  She is living in fear that her parents will be deported. While some kids are wondering what presents they’ll get, Jasmine is scared that she “won’t have my mommy for Christmas.”

Instead of asking Santa to keep her mom home for Christmas, Jasmine sent a letter to Congress.

jasmine and letter.jpg

Keeping all members of our communities safe this holiday season should not be left only to communities under attack.  It is up to all of us to keep everyone safe. 

Will your family join ours in this fight? Write a letter along with a kid you love, asking Congress to pass the DREAM Act, protect families with TPS, and stop tearing our families apart.You can deliver your letter in person, locally, or send it to us. In December, we’ll be delivering all the letters to Congress in person. 

If we don't succeed, how many children might spend the holidays without a parent this year because of Trump’s decision to end DACA? As many of us at Hand in Hand are parents, it hurts to imagine.

Click here to find a guide with ideas to get kids inspired to write their own letters.

Inspiration to act: A s'mores story

When our friends at United We Dream asked us to help get as many people as we could to act in solidarity with the DREAMers and their families, we created the Bringing the Dream Home toolkit for people to use over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Why at Thanksgiving? The next three weeks are our best chance to get Congress to pass an immigration bill—the DREAM Act—to protect immigrants who came to this country as children and their families. And, what is Thanksgiving but a remembrance of a time when a local community offered support to more recently arrived immigrants?

Since creating the toolkit, we've had a call with United We Dream's co-founder Cristina Jimenez, had it shared by partners like CTZNWELL and ParentsTogether, seen it featured in The Nation, and heard from so many that they welcome the chance to take concrete action to make a difference.

Our favorite story so far comes from Tara in Ohio: 

"We crossed three things off my fall bucket list last night: Having a bonfire, introducing my 2-year old daughter to s'mores, and doing our part to fight for a clean Dream Act. 

We asked our neighbors to set up the bonfire in their yard, and I brought the s'mores fixings.  While the fire was getting going, I talked to my neighbors about why I am so concerned about the DREAMers. They shared their own story about a family they know which is being torn apart by current immigration policy: My neighbor saw a girl crying in the after-school care program where she works. It turned out her father is being separated from her and her mother, who is also pregnant. 

Everyone agreed we wanted to take action. I suggested we all call our representatives—especially Senator Portman, who has not committed to supporting the Dream Act. So we all took out our phones, called and left messages urging for action before the end of the year.

And if you're wondering how my daughter liked her first more, it was a big hit, and she announced that chocolate was the best part. I would encourage other people to find a way to do something similar—it was delicious and meaningful to take action together that night."


November 14 is National Call In Day

Demand A Permanent Protection for Undocumented Youth!

There is one simple action we all take today.  Call your Representative in Congress and find out where they stand on passing a clean DREAM Act this year.  Share your story and ask them to stand with young immigrants and do what’s right for our communities.

Call:  1-844-641-3873

(Don’t worry if you don’t know who your Representative is or want to share with someone in another district.  When using this number all you need is your zipcode and to follow the prompts.)


Hello!  My name is ______ and I’m calling from _______ (town/city) in _____________ (state).  I’m calling to ask Representative XXX to pass a DREAM Act before the end of the year that allows young immigrants to stay in the country they call home, without adding a single dollar to Trump’s immigration enforcement measures.  Is Representative XXX committed to passing a clean DREAM Act before the end of the year?

Talking points you can add:

  • Most Dreamers are either studying or working and contribute millions of tax dollars every year in state and local taxes

  • Permanent protection for undocumented youth means passing a bill to protect Dreamers without using that same bill to fund a border wall, mass deportations, or inhumane detention centers.  Please add it to the budget!

  • The United States is the only country most Dreamers have ever known

  • We belong together!  Don’t tear apart families and communities.

I support a permanent protection for undocumented youth and I hope the [Senator/Representative] will as well.  Will you share my message with her/him?

Thank you.

Once you’ve made the call think about who else you can ask to take this action on this critical National Call In Day for a clean DREAM Act.  Ask a friend or family member to join you.  Post on social media and help us spread the word.  Thank you so much!

Take action with “genius” DACA leader Cristina Jimenez

Ever since Trump announced his decision to end the DACA program, which gave legal status to previously undocumented young people who came to this country as children, hundreds of thousands have been living in fear and uncertainty. Young adults who’ve never known another home could be at risk of deportation as soon as spring.

We’ve been fighting back through the Sanctuary Homes campaign, because at Hand in Hand we know that many domestic workers are immigrants, and we depend on one another to make our lives possible.

Please join a webinar next Tuesday to find out how you can help.

The next six weeks are our best chance to get Congress to pass legislation—the DREAM Act—to protect young people with DACA and, hopefully, their families and other immigrants and refugees. To get a ‘clean’ DREAM ACT - meaning legislation that doesn’t include increased militarization of the border or funding for a border wall, we need EVERYONE to support.

Please join recent MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient Cristina Jimenez, Founder and Director of United We Dream, for a webinar about DACA, the fight for a clean DREAM ACT, and how you can get involved to fight for a country where everyone belongs.

(And sign up even if you can’t make it. We’ll send you the recording and resources.)

We’ll be talking about how to discuss DACA, the DREAM Act, and sanctuary at your Thanksgiving table. You can be a leader at your holiday table, and we have the tools to help you. We’ll turn our gratitude for family, security, and country, into action to ensure all people have these things.  

If you haven't heard about About Cristina Jimenez yet, you will soon. Here's a brief excerpt of her bio: 


Cristina Jiménez is Executive Director and Co-founder of United We Dream (UWD), the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the country. Growing up, Cristina always knew she was undocumented. When she was 13, her parents risked everything and fled poverty in Ecuador to give her family a better life here. As an undocumented young person, Cristina and her family experienced poverty, abuse by police, wage theft from employers and fear of deportation.

Cristina was instrumental in organizing the successful national campaign that led to the creation and implementation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Program (DACA) under President Obama. UWD has grown to a powerful network of 48 affiliates in 26 states and over 400,000 members.
In October 2017, Cristina was awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, also known as a “genius grant,” one of the highest and most prestigious honors that creative leaders can receive in the United States. In 2014, she was named to Forbes’s “30 under 30 in Law and Policy;” She has also been named one of “40 under 40 Young Leaders Who are Solving Problems of Today and Tomorrow” by the Chronicle of Philanthropy; and one of “50 Fearless Women” by Cosmopolitan.

There's no better person to inspire and lead us through the next six weeks. RSVP here today to join our conversation with Cristina.

Whether you love or hate the holiday season, there’s no doubt that you can make it especially meaningful this year.



Recess: A time for us to get to work

This week, our senators and representatives have returned from Washington D.C. to their local offices. I bet that they would agree that there’s no place like home.

Immigrants move here for freedom and opportunity and make America their home. We oppose any legislation that could tear homes and families apart. We all belong together—families and communities alike. That’s why we support immigrant communities’ call for a “clean” DREAM Act.

A majority of voters support a permanent solution for immigrant youth. According to recent polls, 83% of voters nationwide support creating a path to citizenship for immigrant youth.

Leaders on the ground have told us that it’s crucial for Congress to act by December—just a couple months from now.

Join us and the leaders of immigrant communities in calling for a Clean DREAM Act now.

Home is more than a mailing address. It's where most of the important things in life happen. 

Thank you for making our homes safe for everyone.  Send a letter to your representatives today