From #SanctuaryHomes Around the Nation:


"As a mother and grandmother I believe immigrant children and their families have the human rights like everybody else in our country."

Sharon, New York

I want to support the amazing two people and their families that also support us in our daily lives. Everyone has the right to be safe and live in a safe community.
— D.D., San Francisco
As an educator, employer, and disabled woman, I need to be able to count on the support of my community — and helping to create that support is the best contribution I can make. As the sayng goes, let it begin with me.
— Rachel, Pennsylvania
Many of our friends and extended family are being targeted. There are teens in our home regularly who are scared and while we are part of the Queer community being targeted, we are not being targeted for deportation and must show up in bold ways ...
— Christy, California
I value the Hispanic community where I live, and I’m horrified by the ICE raids and deportations I’m reading about in the news. I hope to put my money where my mouth is,and to be as brave as the people who protected the Jews in WWII.
— Deborah, Colorado
I know that immigrants and refugees make my life better.
— Mary, Michigan
I commit to standing united with all human beings and sharing goodness with all living beings.
— Kelli, Los Angeles
I have been a nanny employer and plan to be a caregiver employer again in the near future. The caregivers I know are providing support to my family as they also support each other, and I want our family to provide that same support.
— Rachel, Massachusetts
I’m an immigrant. An American. A Muslim. A woman. A disabled person ... queer ... black ... Jewish ... and a resister of all that’s unjust!
— Darnell, New York
I’m signing because I want to be part of resisting the scapegoating of immigrants - I want to be part of making my home, my community, and my country a place that welcomes and cares for all people.
— Krista, Washington

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